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Dynamo DAO

Dynamo DAO is a group dedicated to educating each other on the cryptocurrency markets and the technologies transforming the world economy.We place a particular focus on fundamental analysis, catalysts, and narratives.

What it is:

  • A community of individuals, dedicated to educating each other about cryptocurrency

  • Access to whitelists, pre-sales, and more

  • A place for exclusive discussions about how upcoming catalysts affect the crypto market

The community, at least at DAO inception, will take be hosted in a token-gated, private Telegram group.

What it isn't:

  • A group for paid calls or accessing the founder's portfolio.

  • An investment - discussion in this DAO will center around crypto analysis, not how to pump membership prices.

  • Ownership in Dynamo DeFi or any other company.

There are initially 555 Dynamo DAO memberships available, which are ERC-1155s on the Ethereum network. The DAO may mint more memberships in the future as they see fit. Each features 1 of 5 pieces of original, animated pixel artwork.
The artwork contains landscapes, representing 5 important revolutions in economic development:

How it Works

Initially passes were distributed through a whitelist, but after the initial distribution, the mint is open to anyone.

  1. Agricultural Revolution - The whitelist is pre-allocated to current members of the Dynamo DeFi Discuss (DDD) Telegram group. If DDD members don't mint all Agricultural Revolution passes, new tasks will be created to earn them. Mint here.

  2. First Industrial Revolution - Complete an on-chain analysis scavenger hunt to earn a whitelist spot. Mint here.

  3. Second Industrial Revolution - Complete an on-chain metrics scavenger hunt to earn a whitelist spot. Mint here.

  4. Third Industrial Revolution - Complete an economic research scavenger hunt to earn a whitelist spot. Mint here.

  5. Fourth Industrial Revolution - Use the Dynamo Unibot referral code or purchase one of Dynamo_Patrick's friendtech shares to earn a whitelist spot. Mint here.

Once you've minted a pass, use it to join the DynamoDAO Telegram group at this link

  1. The Agricultural Revolution, representing mankind's mastery over food production, featuring solarpunk imagery of crop-covered rolling hills.

  1. The First Industrial Revolution, representing the start of the transition towards machine power. This scene features a canal and water mill, while smokestacks loom in the background.

  1. The Second Industrial Revolution, representing inventions like the railroad, zeppelin, and telegraph that brought the world closer together.

  1. The Third Industrial Revolution, representing the advent of the digital age. This scene represents a modern city, with a computer monitor sitting front-and-center.

  1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, representing ongoing innovations in IoT, AI, robotics, and blockchain. This scene features a futuristic, cyberpunk city.

The ownership of an Dynamo DAO membership does not confer any ownership rights or equity in any company, and it does not imply any expectation of profit. Dynamo DAO memberships are non-financial in nature, and they do not guarantee any financial return or share of profits. The issuing platform or project reserves the right to modify or terminate membership benefits without compensation.